First Day of School – Welcome

Hi Social Media Marketers!

I am excited to see you on Monday 11:00 in WB 201. For those of you who don’t me, I am excited to meet you. For UVUAMAers and former students, thanks for taking my class, again. We should have a great time this semester.

Here are a few things to do for the first day of class.


1. Social Marketing Superstars by Cydney O’Sullivan (hardcopy or kindle)

2. Quick Start Guide to Writing Red Hot Copy by Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero (kindle)

3. Laptop/Tablet (You need to bring this to every class)

fall2013 textbooks

First Day of Class Assignment

Here are the things you need to do for the first day of school.

Item 1: Read the syllabus and add important dates to your phone

Item 2: Create personal social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (if you don’t already have them)

Item 3: Bring your resume to class

Item 4: Start thinking about what type of blog you want to create this semester

I am excited to see you on Monday Aug 22! I am cheering for you to have a great semester –#profpg


Top 10 Utah Digital Marketing Firms to Work For

This list of digital marketing companies in Utah showcases some of the best firms to be a part of if you are interested in pursuing a career in DM or advertising.  Check out the list below!

  1. Epic Marketing– Draper – – “Centered around delivering messages that create strong customer relationships, with an emphasis in consistency and a focus on brand planning, messaging, and deployment”
  2. Sebo Marketing– Provo – – “The entire concept of Sebo Marketing was based on the premise that our clients shouldn’t be the only ones to take some risk.”
  3. Wallaroo Media– Provo – – “We love working as a team to make your business come to life.”
  4. Fusion360– Millcreek – – “The best digital advertising agency. Period.”
  5. Fluid Advertising– Bountiful – – “See all those eternally smiling, consistently knowledgeable, uncannily attractive people below? That’s us.”
  6. Big Leap– Lehi – – “We’re an internet marketing company that focuses on developing unique and creative strategies for each and every client.”  UVU Students/Alumni employed here: Baylee Wells, Scott Sunbloom, Derek Smith
  7. Foxtail Marketing– American Fork – – “Foxtail Marketing was founded by online marketing veterans who got tired of the old ways of doing online marketing.”
  8. SEO Werkz– South Jordan – –  “Best SEO company in the world, no battle.”
  9. Utah SEO Pros– Salt Lake City – – We are a results-driven group of energetic individuals that are ready to help your business and website grow.”
  10. Performance Driven Marketing– Ogden – – “Performance Driven Marketing is not your average internet marketing company.”

-Logan Ingram

5 Essentials of an Instagram Post

5 Essentials of an Instagram Post

Posting content to your social media platforms can help make or break your reputation online. When approaching the world of business and the impact that social media has on a marketing campaign, it is essential to realize how important each and every post is. I have narrowed down five of the most essential points that must be hit when posting to Instagram.

1. The Photo – – By now, you should know that Instagram is based around the image. An image, photo, or picture can make or break your credibility, increase your followers, or even push people away from your content. When deciding what image to use, make sure that you use consistency and quality. Your followers do not want to see a low-quality image everyday; it is better to post high-quality photos at a lesser pace that will make your followers yearn for more!
2. Hashtags – – Hashtags are an essential part of each of your posts if you would like them to trend. Having the right hashtag in the picture description can help increase likes, followers, and engagement from users that may have never seen your post. Using relevant hashtags is essential to making sure that you are attracting quality followers.
3. Filters – – Sometimes we get the perfect composition in a photo but the lighting is not quite right. Having a good filter on your photo can help restore the perfect lighting qualities that make a good picture great. Instagram has about 30 premade filters for you to choose from. Picking the perfect filter can make your photo look better than the original and will also make it stand out on your followers’ news feeds.
4. Post Description – – Making sure that your post is appropriate, revised, and relevant to the content that you are trying to push is essential. When you post a photo, a short description should always follow. The description should talk about the relevance of the photo to your central message and should also be applicable to the type of crowd that you are looking to attract. Do not post one-sentence descriptions on your posts. Give your followers something that they can read to help them understand what you are conveying with your photo message.
5. The Call-To-Action – – Every post should have some sort of call-to-action (CTA). The CTA can be a trivia question, follow request, or like request; the CTA must be clear and state exactly what you are looking for each post to accomplish. If you are trying to get additional engagement, doing a giveaway for commenting or liking your post will get your followers more interested and make them become more loyal to your page.

Instagram has many different marketing techniques that can be used in order to help increase your following, engagement, and help grow and develop your business online. Focusing on these five essential areas can help make your Instagram following bigger and better than ever.

Logan Ingram

Adding Social Media buttons on your blog

This week in class, we reviewed how to add social media buttons to your blog. Here is a quick post with a review of the steps:

step 1: Go to and download your desired social media icon images to your desktop

step 2: Go to your WP Dashboard and save the images in your Media Gallery, after you save the images go back to the WP Dashboard

Step 3: In your WP Dashboard, click Appearances, Widgets

Step 4: Add the “text” widget to your sidebar

Step 5: Edit the “text” widget and copy and past this html code:

Step 6: Replace the UVUAMA URLs with your desired social media URLs

Step 7: Go back to your media gallery and click “edit” on your picture. Look in the edit box for the URL file and copy that back into the text box on your widget.

Step 8: Save and test

Hope this helps you to link all your social media to your blog!

Top 3 Reason to take Social Media Marketing

Top 3 reason to take Social Media Marketing

Reason 1: WordPress

You will learn how to build a blog in WordPress. WordPress is the primary software for webpages and blogs on the internet.

Reason 2: Facebook Marketing

You will learn how write facebook content and use the facebook AdManager to promote and advertise in facebook.

Reason 3: Engaged Learning Projects

You will learn how to work with a live client. You will write an engaged learning company social media plan and you will execute that plan during the semester.

Photography Day

Here I am with the 2013 AMA Sales champion.

Here I am with the 2013 AMA Sales champion.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Today is a great day because my students learned the importance of photos and blogging. As a blogger, you need to have beautiful photos that communicate the message and that build your brand.

Students often forget to brand photos. Today we will review the rules for basic photography which include the following:

—Rule of Thirds
—Color and Contrast
—Photo Lines and Repetition
—Photo Composition
—Tell a Photo Story
—Self Portrait
—Natural Light
What have we missed? Leave a comment and tell us about your photography tips.

5 Steps to Finding a Social Media Marketing Job

Students can get their dream job working as a social media marketer, but first you need to get started. Here are the five steps you need to take to get your dream social media job.

STEP 1: Research
Before you do anything, spend 5 hours researching the job sites in your area. Look at, hot etc. Then look at the top 10 largest companies in your area. Visit their “career” pages. Start to get a feel for how the jobs are posted and what type of qualifications you need for the jobs. Pay attention to what software or apps they use. Look for keywords or buzz words to include in your resume.


Spencer Cope Future Social Media Superstar

STEP 2: Network
Start talking to everyone you know. Talk to friends, family, parents, your friends’ parents, neighbors, professors. Talk to everyone. If you find a job you want at a specific company, look on LinkedIN for people who work at that company. Reach out to them and request a phone conversation to LEARN MORE about the company. You are not asking for a job. You are researching.

STEP 3: Resume
Next, create a resume that shows your skills with keywords and buzz words that you see in job descriptions. Make sure your resume looks professional, has numbers to quantify your work, shows special projects, and honestly reflects your skills.

Step 4: Apply
Target the top 5 jobs that you are interested in applying for and make a plan. Figure out how you can network to get inside the company. When this happens you will need to be ready with your resume.

Step 5: Portfolio
In the meantime, create a portfolio of your work so you can show recruiters your skills. Also, learn software and apps that are required by the job postings.

My next post will be about contacting the company. What other steps do you do as you search for jobs?